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MedCom 2009 Program


Friday 13th November


8.30 Registration


9.15 Welcome address from University authorities

Antonino Recca - Chancellor of the University of Catania, Italy

Enrico Iachello - Dean of the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of the University of Catania, Italy


9.45 Introduction

Amanda Jane Succi - President of CERRPMED / Secretary General of Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, Italy


10.00 Keynote speaker

John Paluszek - President of Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, USA 


10.30 Session 1

Communicating Europe and communicating the Euro-Med area


Salvatore Iacolino - Deputy of the European Parliament / Member of the Euro-Mediterranen Parliamentary Assembly delegation, Brussels

Dialogue, Democracy, Diplomacy: relational tools to improve relationships in the Euro-Med area


Roberto Zangrandi – President CERP Confédération Européenne des Relations Pubbliques, Brussels

Cultural and professional cross fertilisation as a basis for open PR in the Euro-Med area 


Dejan Vercic – University of Ljubljana/ Partner Pristop, Slovenia

Euro-Med area and PR: how they can enrich each other? 


Antonella Gurrieri - Journalist for Rai, Rai Med satellite channel and the Rai Tre “Mediterraneo” programme, Italy

The “Rai Med” project – an opportunity for media dialogue between the Mediterranean countries 


Chairman: Davide Crimi – Director of Europe Direct Catania, Italy


11.40 – Coffee break


12.00 Session 2

Energy as a strategic factor in Euro-Med economic equilibrium: the value of communication


Gianluca Comin - President Ferpi / Executive Vice President External Relations Enel, Italy

Corporate Social Responsibility: the new relationship with stakeholders 


Giovanni Di Giovanni - Senior Vice President External Communication Eni, Italy

Energy of Sustainability, Sustainability of Energy


Alberto Fernandez Torres – Director of Strategy and Internal Communication Endesa, Spain

Corporate organizations and the climate change challenge. The role of communication 


Roberto Zangrandi - European Institutional Affairs Enel, Bruxelles

The driving role of Energy: transforming natural resources in professional excellence 


Chairman: Vittorio Pianese - Confindustria Sicilia, Italy


13.00 Keynote speaker

 Diego Minuti - Director of ANSAMED, Italy
Analysis of area diversities in the media sphere as support to PR: the role of ANSAMED in the Euro-Med scenario 


13.30 - Lunch


15.00 Session 3

Euro-Mediterranean PR: building dialogue between diversities as an opportunity for growth


Enzo Bianco - Senator of the Italian Republic, Italy

Knowing, respecting, cooperating with each other to face the challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean area 


Giuseppe Castiglione - President of the Province of Catania, Italy

Cultural integration: improving territorial identities and developing excellencies in the Euro-Med’s local systems


Toni Muzi Falconi - Director Methodos, Adjunct Professor of Global Relations and Intercultural Communication at New York University, USA

Governing relations among the diverse to share the growth and economic, social and cultural development 


Stefania Panebianco - Professor of Mediterranean Politics at the University of Catania,  Jean Monnet Center, Italy

Building dialogue through regional cooperation 


Giangi Milesi – President CESVI, Italy

International cooperation as the drive of better relations 


Alban Bala – President AIPR  Albanian Institute of Public Relations, Albania

Are PR people the Spin Doctors of Democracy? 


Chair: Amanda Jane Succi – President CERRPMED, Italy


16.30 - Coffee break


16.50 Session 4

Public Relations as a competitive development tool for Euro-Mediterranean companies


Serra Gorpe – Istanbul University “School of Communication”, Turkey

Corporate web site analysis of “The most admired companies in Turkey”: their corporate responsibility projects and how they are communicated on the websites 


Ruth Avidar – The Center of Study of the Information Society, University of Haifa, Israel

Online PR as a competitive development tool for Euro-Mediterranean companies: the case of Israeli PR 


Daniel Zimet – CEO Zimet Marketing Communication agency, Israel

Building Turkey as Israel’s n°1 outbound tourism destination 


Cristina Pizzorno – Communication consultant Danae Communication, former consultant at DevComm/The World Bank, Italy

A public communication program to promote water reform strategy in Albania 


Arta Musaraj – Rector of University "Pavaresia" Vlore,  Albania

Communication in crisis situations and the International frame-work of solutions. How overcoming barriers and differences is a must and not a choice 


Chair: Amanda Jane Succi - Presidente CERRPMED, Italy


18.00 - Conclusion of work


Saturday 14th November


9.00 Session 5

Is there a typical approach in Institutional Relations in the Euro-Med area?


Guido De Marco - President Emeritus of the Republic of Malta, Malta


Piervirgilio Dastoli - European Commission Counsellor, Italy


Maen Nsour - CEO of Jordan Investment Board, Giordania


Chiara Di Segni Shilat - International Relations Officer, Israel


Maisaa Shakouf - Head of Public Relationships at the Political and Media President Adviser Office - of Syrian Arab Republic, Syria


Introduces: Patrizia Rutigliano - Director of Group Communication Autogrill, Italy


10.30 – Keynote speaker

Holger Sievert – Director Komm.passion Consulting, Düsseldorf/ Germany

PR and media around the 'mare mediterraneum' - Methodological remarks towards a systematic comparative analysis of Communication in the Euro-Med area 


11.00 – Coffee break


11.30 Session 6

Public Relations and the University: which are the obstacles to economic development. What are the solutions.


Ruth Avidar - Center of Study of the Information Society, University of Haifa, Israel


Serra Gorpe – University of Istanbul, Turkey


Arta Musaraj – Rector of University "Pavaresia" Vlore, Albania


Amanda Jane Succi – President CERRPMED, Italy


Ana Tkalac Verčič - University of Zagreb, Croacia


Chairman: Emanuele Invernizzi - IULM University / President elect Euprera, Italy


Ore 12.30 MedCom Working Session

Debate on the present scenario and future developments of Euro-Med PR. Obstacles, opportunities, solutions.


13.30 Conclusion and announcement of MedCom 2010 theme


14.00 - Lunch